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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Gordon Elliott, 3 books
Irvine, William, 3 books
N. Kunju, 3 books
Gautam Sharma, 3 books
A. G. Harfield, 3 books
K. C. Praval, 3 books
Singh, M. K. Mrs., 2 books
John Masters, 2 books
Edward Dodwell, 2 books
Skeen, Andrew Sir, 2 books
T. R. Moreman, 2 books
Man Mohan Sharma, 2 books
Rajesh Kadian, 2 books
D. K. Palit, 2 books
Selwyn Hodson Pressinger, 2 books
Michael Barthorp, 2 books
Sodhi, H. S., 2 books
India. Military Department, 2 books
India. Army., 2 books
Singh, Rajendra, 2 books
Altaf Alfroid David, 2 books
D. S. Virk, 2 books
Atkins, David, 2 books
Jaipal Singh., 2 books
W. Y. Carman, 2 books


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