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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Stewart, 11 books
Armand Borel, 5 books
Pierre Berthelot, 5 books
Peter John Hilton, 5 books
Alexander Grothendieck, 4 books
William S. Massey, 4 books
Vladimir Voevodsky, 4 books
Eric M. Friedlander, 4 books
D. J. Benson, 4 books
R. R. Bruner, 3 books
Constantin Bănică, 3 books
Karl W. Gruenberg, 3 books
Edwin Weiss, 3 books
C. B. Thomas, 3 books
Andrei Suslin, 3 books
Arthur Ogus, 3 books
Saunders Mac Lane, 3 books
Anthony W. Knapp, 3 books
J. F. Jardine, 3 books
Claire Voisin, 3 books
Pierre Deligne, 3 books
Birger Iversen, 3 books
Michael Artin, 3 books
Richard S. Palais, 3 books
Jacob T. Schwartz, 3 books


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