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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mantz Yorke, 4 books
Susie VanHuss, 4 books
M.E. Brown, 4 books
H.L Brown, 4 books
Connie M. Forde, 3 books
Sally Brown, 3 books
Macmillan, 3 books
Webb, 3 books
Miller, 3 books
Donna L. Woo, 3 books
Bob Reinalda, 2 books
Ian Abbott, 2 books
Stephen Walker, 2 books
Peter Knight, 2 books
Robert Tucker, 2 books
William T. Mallon, 2 books
Linda Evans, 2 books
Altbach, Philip G., 2 books
Alan E. Bayer, 2 books
Liz Thomas, 2 books
Jay L. Chronister, 2 books
Gary Gruber, 2 books
Robert Miller, 2 books
Phil Race, 2 books
ABC, 2 books


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