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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ashley Wood, 9 books
Steve Niles, 8 books
Robert Kirkman, 8 books
Chris Ryall, 7 books
Andrew Cosby, 6 books
Tony Moore, 6 books
Garth Ennis, 6 books
Kris Oprisko, 5 books
Paul Jenkins, 5 books
Charlie Adlard, 5 books
Robert Tinnell, 5 books
Kieron Dwyer, 5 books
Rick Remender, 5 books
Gabriel Hernandez, 5 books
Todd McFarlane, 5 books
Aki Shimizu, 4 books
Marc Silvestri, 4 books
Mike Mignola, 4 books
Cliff Rathburn, 4 books
Greg Capullo, 4 books
Johanna Stokes, 4 books
Nick Bradshaw, 4 books
Saki Okuse, 4 books
Gabriel Rodriguez, 4 books
Jozev, 4 books


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