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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dana Lewis, 5 books
Toren Smith, 4 books
Kelley Puckett, 3 books
Art Spiegelman, 3 books
Pat McEown, 2 books
Goseki Kojima, 2 books
Tina Anderson (comics), 2 books
Kazuo Koike, 2 books
Joss Whedon, 2 books
Fred Von Bernewitz, 1 book
H. G. Wells, 1 book
Gary Jeffrey, 1 book
Aaron McGruder, 1 book
Brandon Sanderson, 1 book
Brian K. Vaughan, 1 book
Dave Cooper, 1 book
George O'Connor, 1 book
Damion Scott, 1 book
Antony Johnston, 1 book
Daniel Schaffer, 1 book
Lucy Shelton Caswell, 1 book
David Petersen, 1 book
Brandon Choi, 1 book
Various, 1 book
Dan Jurgens, 1 book


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