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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward Albee, 5 books
James Purdy, 3 books
Norman Wong, 3 books
Robert Musil, 2 books
Alvin Orloff, 2 books
Brian Francis, 2 books
Blair Mastbaum, 2 books
J. G. Hayes, 2 books
Harrison, Kenneth, 2 books
David Leddick, 2 books
Randall Kenan, 2 books
Gerald P. Mallon, 2 books
Keith Hale, 2 books
James Purdy, 2 books
Patrick, John, 2 books
Peters, Fritz, 1 book
Denton Welch, 1 book
Kevin Esser, 1 book
Joseph Harry, 1 book
Quinn Brockton, 1 book
Jamie O'Neill, 1 book
Jay Quinn, 1 book
Mike Albo, 1 book
Graves, Michael, 1 book
Billy Merrell, 1 book


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