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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Guus Middag, 3 books
Rudolf van de Perre, 3 books
Hugo Brems, 3 books
Paul de Ryck, 2 books
Haes, Jos de, 2 books
Wim Zaal, 2 books
Paul Snoek, 2 books
Lionel Deflo, 1 book
Erik Dams, 1 book
Bert Decorte, 1 book
Frans Notelaars, 1 book
Frans Hugaerts, 1 book
Besten, Ad den, 1 book
Joris Caeymaex, 1 book
Leo Simoens, 1 book
Anton van Wilderode, 1 book
H. Nackaerts, 1 book
Julien de Vuyst, 1 book
Hedwig Speliers, 1 book
Werner Cranshoff, 1 book
Clement Bittremieux, 1 book
Manfred Wolf, 1 book
Rik Delta, 1 book
Wilhelm Schölermann, 1 book
Liliane Wouters, 1 book


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