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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Corregidor, 4 books
Charles Ford, 3 books
Rene Jeanne, 3 books
Ted Sennett, 2 books
Lester Friedman, 2 books
Luigi Compil. Volta, 2 books
David Desser, 2 books
Thomas Sobchack, 1 book
Silvia Bizio, 1 book
Mira Liehm, 1 book
Richard L. Stromgren, 1 book
Nick Foulkes, 1 book
Eric Roth, 1 book
Joanne Parrent, 1 book
David Malcolm, 1 book
Dudley Nichols, 1 book
Jeff Connor, 1 book
Fernando Hernandez, 1 book
Pablo Humberto Posada V., 1 book
Beverly West, 1 book
Robin, 1 book
Donald A. Reed, 1 book
Sally Davies, 1 book
Antonioni, Michelangelo., 1 book
Ronald Bergan, 1 book


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