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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laurell K. Hamilton, 14 books
Terry Brooks, 12 books
Jim Butcher, 12 books
Charlaine Harris, 10 books
Tom Deitz, 9 books
Carrie Vaughn, 7 books
Haruki Murakami, 6 books
Kate Forsyth, 6 books
MaryJanice Davidson, 5 books
Naomi Novik, 5 books
Mark Z. Danielewski, 5 books
Kim Harrison, 4 books
Clive Barker, 4 books
Lev Grossman, 4 books
Neil Gaiman, 4 books
Charlaine Harris, 4 books
Piers Anthony, 3 books
Charles de Lint, 3 books
Jeffrey Ford, 3 books
Stephen R. Lawhead, 3 books
James Marsters, 3 books
G. Willow Wilson, 3 books
Benedict Jacka, 3 books
Richard Kadrey, 3 books
Tom Holt, 3 books


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