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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Amy Clipston, 35 books
Melody Carlson, 27 books
Karen Kingsbury, 27 books
Colleen Coble, 24 books
Beth Wiseman, 22 books
Jules Vern, 20 books
Wanda E. Brunstetter, 19 books
Terri Blackstock, 19 books
Lauraine Snelling, 19 books
Kathleen Fuller, 18 books
Beverly Lewis, 16 books
Tricia Goyer, 15 books
Tracie Peterson, 15 books
Jerry B. Jenkins, 15 books
Chris Fabry, 15 books
Ted Dekker, 14 books
Terri Blackstock, 14 books
Charles Monroe Sheldon, 13 books
Bill Myers, 12 books
Jan Karon, 12 books
Miss Read, 12 books
Victoria Christopher Murray, 12 books
Lynette Eason, 12 books
Neta Jackson, 12 books
Vannetta Chapman, 12 books