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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel R. Mishell, 5 books
Victor Gomel, 3 books
J. Marion Sims, 3 books
Rogerio A. Lobo, 3 books
Leon Speroff, 3 books
Marilyn M. Shannon, 3 books
Robert B. Hunt, 2 books
Christo Zouves, 2 books
Anne Colston Wentz, 2 books
Alan H. DeCherney, 2 books
Niravi B. Payne, 2 books
J. Matthews Duncan, 2 books
Julie Vargo, 2 books
Maureen Regan, 2 books
Bill Yee, 2 books
Julia Indichova, 2 books
John A. Rock, 2 books
Randine Lewis, 2 books
James Whitehead, 2 books
Peggy Orenstein, 2 books
T. Römer, 2 books
Grant W. Patton, 2 books
William L. Ledger, 2 books
Renaat Devisch, 2 books
V. Mondat, 2 books


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