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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Douglas Ward, 9 books
Alanna Mitchell, 3 books
V. Courtillot, 3 books
Tim F. Flannery, 3 books
Anthony Hallam, 3 books
Steve Parker, 3 books
Christopher Lampton, 3 books
K-TEC Group., 2 books
Louise Spilsbury, 2 books
Joanna Freeland, 2 books
Don LePan, 2 books
R. J. Hoage, 2 books
Glen, William, 2 books
Otto H. Walliser, 2 books
Erle G. Kauffman, 2 books
Franklyn M. Branley, 2 books
Don Nardo, 2 books
Karin Vergoth, 2 books
George R. McGhee, 2 books
Marco Ferrari, 2 books
Walter Alvarez, 2 books
Niles Eldredge, 2 books
Arthur Haswell, 2 books
Tricia Andryszewski, 2 books
Michael R. Rampino, 2 books


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