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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gareth Adamson, 18 books
Jean Adamson, 18 books
Richard McRoberts, 12 books
Roger Lewis, 12 books
Jane Ogborn, 11 books
Sharon Phillips, 11 books
Mary Grover, 11 books
Rob Szczerba, 11 books
Fiona Clark, 11 books
Barry Sloan, 11 books
Alf Proysen, 9 books
David Orme, 8 books
Alison Winn, 8 books
Gunilla Wolde, 8 books
Sheila Freeman, 7 books
Esther Munns, 7 books
Allan Ahlberg, 6 books
James Sale, 6 books
Janet Ahlberg, 6 books
Andrew G. Ralston, 5 books
Mary M. Firth, 5 books
Nigel Grimshaw, 4 books
Paul Groves, 4 books
Andre Amstutz, 4 books
Rex K. Sadler, 4 books


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