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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Kirkup, 2 books
Kazuo Satō, 2 books
Frances Horovitz, 1 book
Yoriko Yamada-Bochynek, 1 book
George Swede, 1 book
Harold Gould Henderson, 1 book
Rebecca Rust, 1 book
Dermot O'Brien, 1 book
John W. Sexton, 1 book
Joan Giroux, 1 book
Ivy Alvarez, 1 book
Nigel Jenkins, 1 book
Alan Spence, 1 book
Kenneth Verity, 1 book
Don Y. Lee, 1 book
K. H. Jones, 1 book
John Esam, 1 book
Tsunehiko Hoshino, 1 book
Alex De Verteuil, 1 book
Dermot O'Brien, 1 book
Jean Vengua, 1 book
Vid Vukasović, 1 book


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