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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Chrystal, 7 books
Paul Hurley, 5 books
Rodney Legg, 4 books
Ted Rudge, 4 books
Drake, Peter., 3 books
Neil Collingwood, 3 books
John Clancy, 3 books
Martyn Taylor, 3 books
Bob Osborn, 2 books
Chris Steele-Perkins, 2 books
Mike Rouse, 2 books
Allan Wood, 2 books
Paul Perry, 2 books
Peter Tuffrey, 2 books
Allan Frost, 2 books
Peter Lee, 2 books
Ken Hutchinson, 2 books
Stephen Butt, 2 books
Keith Hodgkins, 2 books
Andrew Gladwell, 2 books
Michael Rouse, 2 books
Mervyn Edwards, 2 books
David Paul, 2 books
Arthur Mee, 2 books
Bryan Brown, 2 books


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