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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John R. Walker, 2 books
Bergwall Productions Inc., 2 books
Emil Pollak, 1 book
Mike Brown, 1 book
John Kershaw, 1 book
George H. Thomas, 1 book
Donald F. Eary, 1 book
Sean Bennett, 1 book
John Edwards, 1 book
Richard T. Kreh, 1 book
Edward A. Reed, 1 book
P. Goodman, 1 book
Davis Langdon, 1 book
Langdon Davis, 1 book
Peter Sheridan, 1 book
Mark W. Earley, 1 book
Joseph V. Sheehan, 1 book
Jeffrey S. Sargent, 1 book
John M. Caloggero, 1 book
Ronald G Haefner, 1 book
E. Dunn, 1 book
D. R. Durham, 1 book
Paul Leathers, 1 book
Martyl Pollak, 1 book
Everest, 1 book


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