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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Harold Haynes, 96 books
Chilton Automotives Editorial, 25 books
Chilton's Automotives Editorial, 18 books
Adam Gimbel, 13 books
Chris Harvey, 10 books
Consumer Guide, 8 books
David Gimbel, 8 books
Patrick Trienta, 8 books
Steve Smith, 7 books
R. M. Clarke, 6 books
R. M. Clark, 6 books
Jack Gillis, 6 books
Bob Henderson, 6 books
Tom Birch, 5 books
Car & Parts Magazine, 5 books
Cars & Parts Magazine, 5 books
Mike Key, 4 books
Knowles, 4 books
R.M. Clarke, 4 books
Edmunds Publications, 4 books
Motorbooks International, 4 books
Martin T. Stockel, 4 books
David Sparrow, 4 books
RM Clarke, 4 books
Rainer W. Schegelmilch, 4 books


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