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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Samuel S. Ahn, 5 books
Jeffrey L. Ponsky, 4 books
Wesley S. Moore, 3 books
Daniel H. Kim, 3 books
Nib Soehendra, 3 books
James F. Guhl, 3 books
Nathaniel J. Soper, 3 books
R. David Rosin, 3 books
Dale H. Rice, 3 books
Stephen S. Burkhart, 3 books
Axel Perneczky, 3 books
R. L. Levine, 3 books
A. Cuschieri, 3 books
Hans Joachim Reuter, 2 books
O. Kleinsasser, 2 books
Barry T. Katzen, 2 books
Michel Gagner, 2 books
Ricardo Azziz, 2 books
Joseph C. McCarthy, 2 books
J. E. A. Wickham, 2 books
William B Inabnet, 2 books
Sayeed Ikramuddin, 2 books
Frank J. Criado, 2 books
Eric J. Bieber, 2 books
Hans, M.D. Seifert, 2 books


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