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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William A. Sommers, 4 books
Victor Nolet, 4 books
Jennifer York-Barr, 4 books
Gail S. Ghere, 4 books
Joanne K. Montie, 4 books
Karen Seashore Louis, 4 books
Pat Petrie, 3 books
Chris Watkins, 3 books
Paul Teske, 3 books
Ines Aguerrondo, 3 books
Patsy Wagner, 3 books
Louise Stoll, 3 books
Nan L. Maxwell, 2 books
Alain Mingat, 2 books
Peter Knight, 2 books
Arlette Ingram Willis, 2 books
Janet Boddy, 2 books
Mavis G. Sanders, 2 books
H. D. Green, 2 books
Martin Lipton, 2 books
Steve Ryan, 2 books
Evans Clinchy, 2 books
Ralph Edwards, 2 books
Peter Woods, 2 books
Geoffrey Caine, 2 books


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