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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Collyns, 1 book
Balasubramanyam, V. N., 1 book
David G. Becker, 1 book
Ian Smillie, 1 book
John Hailey, 1 book
Kate Phylaktis, 1 book
Pierre-Richard Agenor, 1 book
Alan Swinbank, 1 book
et al., 1 book
Peter J. Montiel, 1 book
K.L. Gupta, 1 book
Paulo Leme, 1 book
Naseer H. Aruri, 1 book
Eileen Fisher, 1 book
Nick Beard, 1 book
Rebecca Reuber, 1 book
Hafiz A. Akhand, 1 book
Layi Abegunrin, 1 book
Kyung-Mo Huh, 1 book
T. Sasaki, 1 book
Jeff Frieden, 1 book
Sayre P. Schartz, 1 book
George Anayiotos, 1 book
Shogo Ishii, 1 book
Thomas Laursen, 1 book


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