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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 4 books
Isaac Asimov, 4 books
Anita Ganeri, 3 books
Elias Amidon, 3 books
Dougal Dixon, 3 books
Elisa Peters, 3 books
Asahiko Taira, 3 books
Immanuel Velikovsky, 2 books
Hettner, Alfred, 2 books
Jean-Baptiste Biot, 2 books
Franklyn M. Branley, 2 books
Peter D. Riley, 2 books
Carme Solé Vendrell, 2 books
N. D'Anvers, 2 books
J. Hamblin Smith, 2 books
Michael J. Padilla, 2 books
Mick Manning, 2 books
Lynn Bresler, 2 books
Jose Maria Parramon, 2 books
Kathy Charner, 2 books
Patricia Lauber, 2 books
Marko Pogačnik, 2 books
Keith Lye, 2 books
Patrick Moore, 2 books
Courtney Milne, 2 books


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