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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julie Klam, 5 books
Patricia B. McConnell, 5 books
Cynthia Robinson, 5 books
Caroline Knapp, 4 books
J. R. Ackerley, 3 books
Alexander McCall Smith, 3 books
Steve Duno, 3 books
Mary Randolph, 3 books
Hutin, Jean-Pierre, 2 books
Jill Abramson, 2 books
Doranna Durgin, 2 books
Dan Rhodes, 2 books
Tom Corwin, 2 books
Wells, M. R., 2 books
Mark Victor Hansen, 2 books
Nora Roberts, 2 books
Rick Bass, 2 books
Jane Stern, 2 books
Stanley Coren, 2 books
Ernest Cassara, 2 books
Catherine Anderson, 2 books
John O'Hurley, 2 books
Kim Dearth, 2 books
Elise Lufkin, 2 books
Claire Cook, 2 books


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