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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rena M. Palloff, 3 books
Michael Simonson, 3 books
Keith Pratt, 3 books
Steve Ryan, 2 books
Rita-Marie Conrad, 2 books
Bernard Scott, 2 books
Kay Wilkie, 2 books
Howard Freeman, 2 books
Daxa Patel, 2 books
Kim E. Dooley, 2 books
James R. Lindner, 2 books
Larry M. Dooley, 2 books
Maggi Savin-Baden, 2 books
Tom Routen, 2 books
Bernice McCarthy, 1 book
Carl Whithaus, 1 book
John A. Woods, 1 book
Albert Oosterhof, 1 book
Donald P. Ely, 1 book
Alan G. Chute, 1 book
Desmond Keegan, 1 book
Paul Keat, 1 book
Melody Thompson, 1 book
Burton Hancock, 1 book
Roberts, 1 book


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