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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
n/a, 9 books
Jean Pare, 5 books
Jean Pare, 4 books
Lucy Waverman, 4 books
Silvana Franco, 3 books
Ainsley Harriott, 3 books
Jenni Fleetwood, 3 books
Collectif, 3 books
Deborah Gray, 3 books
Publications International, Ltd, 3 books
Canadian Living Test Kitchen, 3 books
COLLECTIF, 3 books
Catherine Atkinson, 3 books
Donna Hay, 2 books
Anne Gardon, 2 books
Jill Dupleix, 2 books
Rose Murray, 2 books
Campbell Soup Company, 2 books
North Shore Family Services Society, 2 books
Eric Akis, 2 books
Jamie Oliver, 2 books
Ken Kostick, 2 books
Blanche Vergne, 2 books
Héloïse Martel, 2 books
Sarah Fritschner, 2 books