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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ann Love, 5 books
John E. Thomas, 5 books
Steve Biddle, 5 books
Jane Drake, 5 books
Megumi Biddle, 5 books
Laura Torres, 4 books
Danita Thomas, 3 books
Gerald Jenkins, 3 books
Anna-Stina Linden Ivarsson, 3 books
Katarina Brieditis, 3 books
Katarina Evans, 3 books
Jennifer Traig, 2 books
Gill Harvey, 2 books
Julianne Balmain, 2 books
Cara Copperman, 2 books
Anne Akers Johnson, 2 books
Grolier Educational, 2 books
Ken Haines, 2 books
Stackpole Books, 2 books
Anne Wild, 2 books
Tina Forrester, 2 books
Sheryl Shapiro, 2 books
Gwen Blakley Kinsler, 2 books
Kristyn Kennzitt, 2 books
Todd Stauch, 2 books


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