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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Jane Rathbun, 8 books
John S. Garth, 5 books
Priscilla Cummings, 4 books
Eric Carle, 4 books
R. W. Ingle, 4 books
A. Alcock, 3 books
Franz Doflein, 3 books
Danièle Guinot, 3 books
Jill Bailey, 3 books
Suzanne Tate, 3 books
Josephine F. L. Hart, 2 books
D. J. G. Griffin, 2 books
Matsutani, Miyoko, 2 books
G. F. Warner, 2 books
Lola M. Schaefer, 2 books
Charles Howard Edmondson, 2 books
Paul Owen Lewis, 2 books
A. L. Rice, 2 books
Owen, Richard, 2 books
Jennifer Coldrey, 2 books
Jerald Horst, 2 books
Whitey Schmidt, 2 books
Monica Whipple, 2 books
Linda Hartley, 2 books
Ryan Nagelhout, 2 books


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