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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Will James, 14 books
B. J. Daniels, 13 books
Baxter Black, 13 books
Tina Leonard, 11 books
Ramon F. Adams, 11 books
Debra Clopton, 10 books
Edna Walker Chandler, 10 books
John R. Erickson, 10 books
Linda Lael Miller, 10 books
Patricia Thayer, 9 books
Diana Palmer, 9 books
Steve Hockensmith, 8 books
B. M. Bower, 8 books
Texas Bix Bender, 8 books
Carolyn Brown, 8 books
Billy Warren, 7 books
Patrick Dearen, 7 books
Alfred Henry Lewis, 6 books
J. Frank Dobie, 6 books
Kristine Rolofson, 6 books
Sara Davidson, 6 books
Brenda Minton, 6 books
RaeAnne Thayne, 5 books
Arnold R. Rojas, 5 books
John Avery Lomax, 5 books


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