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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bradford Angier, 4 books
A. D. Livingston, 3 books
Carmen Freire Vázquez, 3 books
Ian McAndrew, 2 books
De Gouy, Louis Pullig, 2 books
David Hunt, 2 books
Judith Morehead, 2 books
Timothy E. Manion, 2 books
Pat Billmeyer, 2 books
Frances MacIlquham, 2 books
Mrs. Beeton, 2 books
F. G. Ashbrook, 2 books
Roy Wall, 2 books
National Meat Institute., 2 books
Henrietta Goplen, 2 books
Ruth Marion Somers Martin, 2 books
J. Carol Vance, 2 books
Jane Hibler, 2 books
James Beard, 2 books
Gray, Rebecca., 2 books
Eldon R. Cutlip, 2 books
Paul Bocuse, 2 books
Julia Drysdale, 2 books
Eileen Clarke, 2 books
Teresa Marrone, 2 books


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