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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hutchison, David, 10 books
IBM Redbooks, 4 books
Carl Malamud, 4 books
James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park, 4 books
August-Wilhelm Scheer, 3 books
James Martin, 3 books
Paul C. Brown, 3 books
E. Gelenbe, 3 books
Michael Bell, 3 books
Muhammad Afaq Khan, 3 books
Anton Meijer, 2 books
Ian J. Taylor, 2 books
Russ White, 2 books
Tony Kenyon, 2 books
Peter Fletcher, 2 books
Claude Servin, 2 books
Rich Seifert, 2 books
Thomas E. Stern, 2 books
Peter Brucker, 2 books
Daniel Minoli, 2 books
Mike Clark, 2 books
Uyless Black, 2 books
Deepankar Medhi, 2 books
Charles T. Betz, 2 books
Chris Hellberg, 2 books


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