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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Kesselman, 17 books
Blondel, Jean, 16 books
Patrick H. O'Neil, 16 books
Macridis, Roy C., 16 books
B. Guy Peters, 14 books
Russell J. Dalton, 13 books
Michael Curtis, 12 books
Arend Lijphart, 11 books
Rod Hague, 11 books
Joel Krieger, 10 books
Howard J. Wiarda, 10 books
Gabriel A. Almond, 10 books
Pippa Norris, 9 books
Mattei Dogan, 8 books
Bernard Edward Brown, 8 books
Christian Soe, 8 books
Raoul Blindenbacher, 8 books
Lawrence C. Mayer, 8 books
Ronald Rogowski, 7 books
William A. Joseph, 7 books
Rose, Richard, 7 books
Mark Irving Lichbach, 7 books
Michael Roskin, 6 books
Jan-Erik Lane, 6 books
Robert J. Jackson, 6 books


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