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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Philip G. Altbach, 19 books
Brian Holmes, 12 books
Ruth Hayhoe, 11 books
UNESCO, 11 books
Joseph I. Zajda, 9 books
Alexander W. Wiseman, 8 books
Gail Paradise Kelly, 8 books
Philip G. Altbach, 8 books
Keith Watson, 7 books
Joseph Zajda, 7 books
Robert F. Arnove, 7 books
Thomas S. Popkewitz, 6 books
Watson, Keith, 5 books
Nakatani, Kaoru, 5 books
Colin Brock, 5 books
T. Neville Postlethwaite, 5 books
Bo Zhu, 5 books
Mark Bray, 5 books
Lois Weis, 5 books
Isaac Leon Kandel, 4 books
Leonhard Froese, 4 books
Oskar Anweiler, 4 books
International Bureau of Education., 4 books
Edmund James King, 4 books
Joseph A. Lauwerys, 4 books


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