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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Marcinko, 11 books
Don Nardo, 5 books
Thompson, Leroy, 4 books
Howard E. Wasdin, 4 books
Black, Robert W., 3 books
Orr Kelly, 3 books
Ahmet Uludağ, 3 books
Max Walmer, 2 books
John Weisman, 2 books
Sandra Donovan, 2 books
Chris McNab, 2 books
Patrick Wilson, 2 books
Chuck Holton, 2 books
Jennifer M. Besel, 2 books
Adrian Weale, 2 books
Myron J. Smith, 2 books
Mona D. Sizer, 2 books
Peter Taylor, 2 books
Samuel M. Katz, 2 books
Nick Gordon, 2 books
Smith, Michael, 2 books
Harold Coyle, 2 books
Robin Neillands, 2 books
Gary McKay, 2 books
Hamilton, John, 2 books


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