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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yishan Li, 10 books
Christopher Hart, 10 books
Christopher Hart, 7 books
Christopher Hart, 5 books
Hart, Christopher., 4 books
Keith Sparrow, 3 books
Sonia Leong, 3 books
Stan Lee, 3 books
Sergio Guinot, 3 books
Kamikaze Factory Studio, 3 books
Tim Seelig, 3 books
Jorge Balaguer, 3 books
Ben Krefta, 2 books
Various, 2 books
Ikari Studio, 2 books
Ivan Hissey, 2 books
Ivan Brunetti, 2 books
Françoise Mouly, 2 books
Haruno Nagatomo, 2 books
Jeannie Lee, 2 books
J. C. Amberlyn, 2 books
Marcos Mateu-Mestre, 2 books
Rik Nicol, 2 books
Mina Petrović, 2 books
Max Marlborough, 2 books


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