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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
B. Pedersen, 7 books
Varios, 6 books
Maria Morris Hambourg, 5 books
Jeff L. Rosenheim, 4 books
Andreas Gursky, 4 books
Peter Barberie, 3 books
Doug Richardson, 3 books
Dave Hickey, 3 books
Walker Evans, 3 books
Nobuyoshi Araki, 3 books
Douglas Eklund, 3 books
Katherine Ware, 3 books
Philip-Lorca diCorcia, 3 books
Andy Grundberg, 3 books
Sarah Greenough, 3 books
Martine Franck, 3 books
Bates Lowry, 3 books
Alan Trachtenberg, 2 books
William Ewing, 2 books
Uwe Scheid, 2 books
Pat Keough, 2 books
Steve Crawford, 2 books
Daniel Birnbaum, 2 books
Joyce Henri Robinson, 2 books
Michael Koetzle, 2 books


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