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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Denis Vincent, 20 books
Mary Crumpler, 20 books
Robert J. Sternberg, 9 books
James L. McClelland, 4 books
Michel Hersen, 3 books
Arthur Whimbey, 3 books
Joseph Pear, 3 books
Richard M. Eisler, 3 books
Martha Augoustinos, 3 books
Emma Williams, 3 books
Rebecca Barlow, 3 books
Iain Walker, 3 books
Sally P. Springer, 3 books
Garry Martin, 3 books
Vicki Bruce, 3 books
Myra J. Linden, 3 books
David E. Rumelhart, 2 books
Frank Wills, 2 books
Malcolm Murray, 2 books
Paul Thagard, 2 books
Martin Sundel, 2 books
Peter Hayward, 2 books
D. L. Forrest-Pressley, 2 books
G. E. MacKinnon, 2 books
David Westbrook, 2 books


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