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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Grace Livingston Hill, 9 books
Cheryl Wolverton, 6 books
Margaret Daley, 5 books
Gail Gaymer Martin, 5 books
Kelly Eileen Hake, 4 books
Tracie Peterson, 4 books
Arlene James, 4 books
Linda Ford, 4 books
Linda Goodnight, 3 books
Jennifer Johnson, 3 books
Cynthia Rutledge, 2 books
Marta Perry, 2 books
Barbara McMahon, 2 books
Jillian Hart, 2 books
Lenora Worth, 2 books
Dana Corbit, 2 books
Lois Richer, 2 books
Shirlee McCoy, 2 books
Pamela Griffin, 2 books
Janette Oke, 2 books
Diana Palmer, 2 books
Deb Kastner, 2 books
Annie Jones, 2 books
Patricia Davids, 2 books
Kim Vogel Sawyer, 2 books


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