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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terry Mills, 7 books
J. Conrad Roberson, 6 books
Phyllis R. Brown, 5 books
Eli Grushka, 4 books
Hans-Peter Blume, 4 books
Berthold Deller, 4 books
Reimar Leschber, 4 books
Sybille Schmidt, 4 books
Charlotte W. Pratt, 3 books
Donald Voet, 3 books
Joseph R. Lakowicz, 3 books
Judith G. Voet, 3 books
Hans P. Latscha, 3 books
Helmut A. Klein, 3 books
Andreas Paetz, 3 books
Douglas A. Skoog, 3 books
Harald Martens, 2 books
James E. Bailey, 2 books
Thomas Clerc, 2 books
Heinz Engelhardt, 2 books
F. James Holler, 2 books
Stanley R. Crouch, 2 books
D. Bogdal, 2 books
Cecil L. Wilson, 2 books
Francis Rouessac, 2 books


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