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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Will R. Bird, 5 books
George G. Blackburn, 4 books
Farley Mowat, 4 books
Richard S. Malone, 3 books
Wilfred Brenton Kerr, 3 books
Ross Munro, 3 books
Gray, Billy, 3 books
Hal Lawrence, 3 books
Bernie Wyatt, 2 books
John Windsor, 2 books
Leo Heaps, 2 books
Don McVicar, 2 books
A. Robert Prouse, 2 books
Neil J. Stewart, 2 books
George F. Beurling, 2 books
Clare Gass, 2 books
Leslie Hempsall, 2 books
Strome Galloway, 2 books
Wallace Reyburn, 2 books
Frank H. D. Pickersgill, 2 books
Harold Evans Hartney, 2 books
Ben Dunkelman, 2 books
Lucien A. Dumais, 2 books
E. L. M. Burns, 2 books
Arthur Campbell Wilkinson, 2 books


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