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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sharon Lund O'Neil, 3 books
Pete Williams, 3 books
Mike Veeck, 3 books
Donald Trump, 3 books
Dan Marin, 2 books
Elwood N. Chapman, 2 books
David A. DeCenzo, 2 books
William Doyle, 2 books
Ann Cooper, 2 books
Meredith McIver, 2 books
Augusto Failde, 2 books
Susan Magee, 2 books
Deborah Singer Dobson, 2 books
Vance Caesar, 2 books
Carol Ann Caesar, 2 books
E. J. Ourso, 2 books
Barbara Pachter, 2 books
Michael Singer Dobson, 2 books
Elbert Hubbard, 1 book
Thomas N. Monson, 1 book
Diana Fairbanks, 1 book
Sarah Kaip, 1 book
Ryan Mathews, 1 book
Mariela Dabbah, 1 book
Travis Bradberry, 1 book


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