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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Basil A. Stoll, 5 books
V. Craig Jordan, 5 books
Antonio Scarpa, 4 books
J. M. Dixon, 4 books
Emile Valude, 4 books
K. I. Bland, 4 books
Ian S. Fentiman, 4 books
Philip Strax, 3 books
Louis Gustave Richelot, 3 books
L.-J.-M Robert, 3 books
Jorge R. Pasqualini, 3 books
László Tabár, 3 books
Daniel F. Roses, 3 books
Edward M. Copeland, 3 books
William L. Donegan, 3 books
A. Howell, 3 books
Jonathan J. Li, 3 books
Karen Bellenir, 3 books
Monica Morrow, 3 books
Richard J. Santen, 3 books
D. David Dershaw, 3 books
Hansjörg Senn, 3 books
Michael Baum, 3 books
Henry Mark Kuerer, 3 books
Michael Michell, 3 books


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