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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cocoa Fujiwara, 11 books
Zoë Sharp, 11 books
Greg Rucka, 9 books
Elle James, 9 books
Roxanne St. Claire, 9 books
Carla Cassidy, 8 books
Margaret Daley, 8 books
Susan Mallery, 7 books
Beverly Barton, 7 books
Robert B. Parker, 7 books
Zoe Sharp, 7 books
Dana Marton, 6 books
HelenKay Dimon, 6 books
Shirlee McCoy, 5 books
Terri Reed, 5 books
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 5 books
Cindy Gerard, 5 books
Cat Adams, 5 books
Sean Black, 5 books
Lucy Monroe, 5 books
J. R. Ward, 4 books
Joanna Wayne, 4 books
Debra Webb, 4 books
Cassie Miles, 4 books
Beth Cornelison, 4 books


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