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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gregory Kennedy, 18 books
Bill Thompson, 8 books
Sharon Stiteler, 8 books
The Staff of Bird Watcher's Digest, 8 books
Salim Ali, 5 books
Donald Stokes, 5 books
Ian Sinclair, 5 books
Joseph Forshaw, 5 books
S. Dillon Ripley, 5 books
Lillian Stokes, 5 books
Krista Kagume, 5 books
David Alderton, 5 books
Erik D. Stoops, 5 books
Roger Tory Peterson Institute, 4 books
Dominic Couzens, 4 books
Kim Williams, 4 books
Michael Roedel, 4 books
Robin Restall, 4 books
Clemencia Rodner, 3 books
Brian K. Wheeler, 3 books
William S. Clark, 3 books
Jon L. Dunn, 3 books
Tom Aversa, 3 books
Hal Opperman, 3 books
Miguel Lentino, 3 books


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