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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M.L. Tasker, 6 books
M. Heubeck, 5 books
P.M. Walsh, 4 books
C. Hilary Fry, 3 books
E. Brindley, 3 books
Tony Soper, 3 books
T. R. Birkhead, 3 books
Steve Madge, 3 books
Martin Heubeck, 3 books
Don Taylor, 2 books
Norman Arlott, 2 books
Eric Simms, 2 books
John W. Fitzpatrick, 2 books
David Brewer, 2 books
Emil K. Urban, 2 books
John Marchant, 2 books
Eric Hosking, 2 books
Ian Sinclair, 2 books
Stuart Keith, 2 books
Brian K. Wheeler, 2 books
William S. Clark, 2 books
John Fanshawe, 2 books
David Tipling, 2 books
Jim Enticott, 2 books
David Cottridge, 2 books


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