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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Achille Bonito Oliva, 4 books
Douglas Gordon, 3 books
Jorg Heiser, 3 books
Carlos Basualdo, 3 books
Eckhard Schneider, 3 books
Tom Friedman, 2 books
Veit Loers, 2 books
Dorothy Iannone, 2 books
Lynne Cooke, 2 books
Robert Creeley, 2 books
Dieter Roth, 2 books
Bernadette Walter, 2 books
Boris Groys, 2 books
Paula van den Bosch, 2 books
Richard Flood, 2 books
Claudia Gould, 2 books
Dominic Molon, 2 books
Dot Tuer, 2 books
Janet Cardiff, 2 books
Glenn Lowry, 2 books
George Bures Miller, 2 books
Alexander Alberro, 2 books
Ilya Kabakov, 2 books
Sabine Folie, 2 books
Aline Chipman Brandauer, 2 books


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