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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Leiwei Li, 3 books
Helena Grice, 2 books
Sheng-mei Ma, 2 books
King-Kok Cheung, 2 books
Jennifer Ann Ho, 1 book
Colleen Lye, 1 book
Tina Chen, 1 book
Daniel Y. Kim, 1 book
Su-ching Huang, 1 book
Elaine H. Kim, 1 book
Kandice Chuh, 1 book
Rocío G. Davis, 1 book
Monica Chiu, 1 book
Wenying Xu, 1 book
Patti Duncan, 1 book
Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1 book
Kai-yu Hsu, 1 book
Christina Chiu, 1 book
Xiaojing Zhou, 1 book
Caroline Rody, 1 book
David L. Eng, 1 book
Leslie Bow, 1 book
Michael Janeway, 1 book
Patricia P. Chu, 1 book
Merle Woo, 1 book


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