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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Porter, 5 books
Judy Martin, 5 books
Simon Jennings, 5 books
David Brown, 5 books
Judy Wardell, 4 books
Sue Goodman, 3 books
Ann Blockley, 3 books
David Lewis, 3 books
Ron Ranson, 3 books
Wendy Barber, 3 books
John Hinchcliffe, 3 books
Alwyn Crawshaw, 2 books
Helen Van Wyk, 2 books
Georg Shook, 2 books
Joe Francis Dowden, 2 books
Janet Coles, 2 books
Randy A. Wardell, 2 books
Sharon Finmark, 2 books
Jean Parry-Williams, 2 books
Non-Fiction, 2 books
Peter Partington, 2 books
Trevor Waugh, 2 books
Diana Vowles, 2 books
Elizabeth Conlon, 2 books
Teel Sale, 2 books


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