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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest Zavisca, 3 books
Editors of Consumer Guide, 3 books
Gary Beltowski, 3 books
Sherry Parker Summerfield, 3 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 2 books
Steven L. Kent, 2 books
Corey Sandler, 2 books
David Morris, 2 books
Ken Uston, 2 books
James Campbell, 1 book
Steve Sanders, 1 book
Paul Kordestani, 1 book
Tracy Fullerton, 1 book
Michael Blanchet, 1 book
Major Mayhem, 1 book
Len Buckwalter, 1 book
Stan Fraydas, 1 book
Dean Lorey, 1 book
George Sullivan, 1 book
Len Albin, 1 book
Terry Harpold, 1 book
Marc Saltzman, 1 book
Tom Hirschfeld, 1 book
Jim Sykora, 1 book
Ron Dubren, 1 book


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