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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paula Harrison, 16 books
Laurie Halse Anderson, 9 books
Linda O. Johnston, 7 books
Holly Webb, 7 books
Tina Nolan, 6 books
Ellen Miles, 5 books
Chris Lynch, 5 books
E. Shan Correa, 5 books
Peg Kehret, 4 books
Stephen Person, 4 books
Linda Joy Singleton, 4 books
Sam Lopez, 4 books
Kelsey Abrams, 4 books
Eliot Schrefer, 3 books
Terri Farley, 3 books
Cathy Scott, 3 books
Jan Burchett, 3 books
Emily Costello, 3 books
Jennifer Keats Curtis, 3 books
Kathy Stevens, 3 books
Ligiah Villalobos, 3 books
Chris Lynch, 3 books
Helen R. Myers, 3 books
Amelia Cobb, 3 books
Cobb, Amelia (Children's author), 3 books


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