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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tomoko Ninomiya, 37 books
Daisuke Higuchi, 11 books
Aravind Adiga, 10 books
Belva Plain, 4 books
Peter Beinart, 4 books
Orison Swett Marden, 3 books
Grahame Baker-Smith, 3 books
Michelle Stimpson, 2 books
Raymond Dodge, 2 books
Bhagwan Rajneesh, 2 books
R. T. Kendall, 2 books
Danielle Steel, 2 books
Stephen W. Berry, 2 books
Sam Llewellyn, 2 books
Brian J. Mahan, 2 books
Yoshiki Nakamura, 2 books
Evan S. Connell, 2 books
Jennifer Crusie, 2 books
Christopher Marlowe, 2 books
Janet McDonald, 2 books
Esther Freud, 2 books
Kristi Yamaguchi, 2 books
Marla Kaye Ferguson, 2 books
J. M. Opal, 2 books
Mariko Hayashi, 2 books


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