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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Famighetti, 9 books
Gerry Brown, 6 books
Cosme Bueno, 6 books
Nathan Daboll, 5 books
Nehemiah Strong, 5 books
Gale Group, 4 books
Steven Naifeh, 4 books
World Almanac, 4 books
Old Farmer's Almanac, 4 books
Gregory White Smith, 4 books
Old Farmer's Almanac Staff, 4 books
Nisard, Charles, 3 books
Moses B. Cotsworth, 3 books
Margo McLoone, 3 books
Benjamin Franklin, 3 books
Jenny E. Tesar, 3 books
Kendra A. Hovey, 3 books
Michael Barone, 3 books
Del Marth, 3 books
Elizabeth Barrette, 3 books
Maury A. Bromsen, 3 books
Wright, John W., 3 books
Michael Morrison, 3 books
Cardanus Rider, 3 books
John Booker, 3 books


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